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ClosedSocial Cart

A food support project for families with economic difficulties reported by social services.
  • PlaceCasalmaggiore (Cremona)
  • PartnerAssociazione Amurt, social services of Casalmaggiore
  • Beneficiaries150 people
  • Period2014-2016
  • Budget15.000€

The context

The “Social Network” project, initiated experimentally in 2013, has as a purpose, to support households and people in economic difficulties in the municipality of Casalmaggiore (CR). The intervention is divided into:  “Social Cart” a food support program and a support to study and health issues.

The project

Support to the “Social Cart” project, is born from the desire of the Marcegaglia Foundation to provide with some of its work, to the most urgent needs. Collaboration with various organizations involved in the project, the Amurt Association, the Employees Association of the Marcegaglia factory in Casalmaggiore and the department of social policy in the municipality of Casalmaggiore, identified unfulfilled needs and strengthened a local project that demonstrated, during the initial year, to have a significant social impact.

The Marcegaglia Foundation’s contribution has served to enrich the quantity of food distributed to families recommended by social services and to involve Marcegaglia employees, at Casalmaggiore, in a food collection.

Distribution to the needy families took place weekly and every two weeks to single units. Food parcels were evaluated according to the family’s number in the household. In order to be eligible, families had to apply by tender and were included in the distribution for a renewable period of 3 months as needed.

By the end of 2016 the beneficiaries had been 146 (70 minors, 66 adults, 9 disabled and 1 elder).

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