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Your contribution, a concrete help

Your support is part of the change and today with your donation you have the opportunity to build together with the Marcegaglia Foundation a different future for women and for the communities in which they live.

Building a different society is possible only with the commitment of each of us and only together we can bring concrete help to women in Rwanda and Italy.


What does your donation become?


Euro 25 contribute with a food voucher to the independence of a woman victim of violence in Italy;


Euro 50 support a student aged 12 to 16 in Rwanda, guaranteeing the payments of the total costs of the daily meal in the canteen and school materials;


Euro 100 allows the purchase of three goats or a pig within the Small livestock project in Rwanda;


Euro 250 to support the training activities for horticulture, olive growing, beekeeping and tailoring for a woman victim of violence in Italy;


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