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ClosedFamily Helps Family

Build a network of welcoming families and spread the culture of foster caring.
  • PlaceLugo (Ravenna)
  • PartnerBambini nel Mondo Association
  • Beneficiariesfamily network
  • Period2015-2016
  • Budget10.000€

The project

The “Family helps Family” project of the Bambini nel Mondo Association in Lugo (Ravenna) has developed a network of hospitable families who can support other families through part-time foster caring of minors or temporarily hosting them in conjunction with social services that report the difficult situations.

The project starts with an analysis of the local social fabric, where family networks are getting weaker. In this context, it is not necessary that economic or social discomfort arises in order that the need for external support becomes evident: a single-parent nucleus with a working parent, the need to attend a sick and working shifts that are not in line with the service schedules here is where the need arises.

In this context, the Bambini nel Mondo Association, working with the Social Services of the Union of Municipalities of Lower Romagna, looks for hospitable families, promotes the fostering case, spreads emergency bulletins through its mailing list, helps the hospitable families to organize support and consulting.

As the cases and the necessity of supporting families’ needs are constantly increasing, the Marcegaglia Foundation has decided to support the project with the aim of increasing the network of families who accept sheltering by promoting various awareness-raising and detailed studies such as courses and meetings on parenting, publications, training sessions for families involved with families with an in-depth knowledge on how to shelter people, and encouraging the exchange of good practices with other neighbouring territories.

In June 2016, the illustrated book “Give me a push will you?” was published to spread the practice of fostering and stimulate curiosity towards this form of volunteering.

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