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ClosedEmployees Project 2017

The project addressed to the Marcegaglia Employees, in Italy continues with a double proposal that focuses on education and training issues.
  • PlaceItaly
  • PartnerMarcegaglia
  • BeneficiariesSons of Marcegaglia employees attending university and schools reported by Marcegaglia employees
  • Period2017-2018
  • Budget30.000€

The context

The employees project is the initiative of the Marcegaglia Foundation aimed at the employees of the Marcegaglia Group in Italy. The project, launched in 2013, was created in memory of Cav. Steno Marcegaglia with the desire to give way to his sensitivity towards the human resources and the social context in which the company taps into. Each year, the Marcegaglia Foundation proposes one or more tenders to employees on different themes and for different purposes. Tenders can be made for direct contributions to the families of employees (such as scholarships) or contributions to associations, schools or local authorities proposed by the employees themselves.

2017 initiative

For 2017, the Marcegaglia Foundation has chosen once again to focus on education and schools, knowing that, even in Italy, they are the main incentives for social development. The project is divided into two tenders: “Cav. Steno Marcegaglia Scholarships ” and” We design the future “.

The tender `` CAV.STENO MARCEGAGLIA Scholarships``

The Marcegaglia Foundation intends to offer 10 scholarships in the name of Steno Marcegaglia in favor of the children of Marcegaglia’s employees, who particularly worthy. The scholarships, € 1,000  each, will be awarded on merit. The application must be submitted by 31 August 2017 via communication on line.


With the tender “We design the Future”, the Marcegaglia Foundation intends to support the schools, proposed by Marcegaglia employees, creating training courses devoted to social issues in order to promote awareness and involvement of students on these issues. Children in primary and secondary schools with first and second degree level, are eligible. The contribution made by Fondazione Marcegaglia is of € 20,000 in total and of a maximum of € 5,000 for each project. Following the Marcegaglia employee’s email notification, the school will be able to submit its project on line by 15 September 2017.

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