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AbroadWomen in Freetown

A way to recover dignity through awareness of your rights.
  • PlaceFreetown, Sierra Leone
  • PartnerCOOPI
  • Beneficiaries400 women in difficult situation
  • Period2012
  • Budget40.000€

The context

In the urban area of ​​the Sierra Leone capital, Freetown, livemore  than 1 million people: 70% of them live below the poverty line and have no access to basic services, and 50% of the population is malnourished. During and after the civil war that has afflicted Sierra Leone from 1991 to 2001, 60% of the population was forced to leave their placeof ​​origin: Freetown and its suburbs attracted most of the displaced, further reducing the already scarce resources available.

The project

The aim of the project is to provide basic education to 400 women in discomfort in the suburbs of Freetown to help them gain greater awareness of their rights. In particular, the course will provide literacy and computing rudiments, but it will also try to develop other ways of leadership, management of conflicts and advocacy skills within their communities representatives.

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