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ItalyZeus Protocol in Mantua

A protocol to accompany the perpetrators of violence and stalking towards recovery.
  • PlaceMantua
  • Partner112/5000 Italian Center for the Promotion of Social Cooperative Mediation, Voandalana Association, Mantua Police Headquarters
  • Beneficiaries20 men perpetrators of harassment and stalking
  • Period2021-2022
  • Budget12.000€

The context

The phenomenon of gender-based and domestic violence is unfortunately increasingly widespread, just think that about 13% of women have suffered physical or sexual violence by their partner (Istat 2019 data). In recent years, civil society has promoted numerous and necessary paths to support and raise awareness of the rights of women victims of violence. However, there are no programs in the Mantua area to support change and affective management aimed at the perpetrators of these crimes, the abusive men. The Marcegaglia Foundation, at the forefront of the issue of gender-based violence, has also worked in recent years alongside some anti-violence centers to support the victims, but this work is not enough, because it is equally important to intercept risky behaviors and accompany the men reported towards a recovery so that they do not repeat their gestures.

Zeus Protocol

From the need to tackle the phenomenon of gender-based violence with a preventive vision, the Zeus Protocol was born in 2018 in Milan on the idea of ​​the Italian Center for the Promotion of Social Cooperative Mediation, which aims to intercept risky conduct and recover the men who committed violence and stalking. The name of the protocol evokes the first abuser in history, whose modalities of domination constitute a warning to be grasped: so that many men do not turn into despots it is necessary to cut off their inadequate and violent actions in the bud. The treatment is aimed at improving the management of emotions and one’s own affectivity, in the belief that acting at the beginning of the spiral of violence is crucial to preventing the degeneration of the first acts, so that the one who committed them can stop earlier. The Zeus Protocol, active in Milan and Cagliari, has already had encouraging results: 87% of the men reported by the police station chose to participate in the process and the recidivism rate was significantly reduced.

The project in Mantua

In October 2020 the memorandum of understanding was signed between the Mantua Police Headquarters and the Voandalana association of Suzzara for the activation of the Zeus Protocol also in the Mantua area. The start of the project was made possible by the contribution of the Mantovana Community Foundation and the Marcegaglia Foundation. Even in the Mantua area, the goal is to reintegrate these men into society by promoting the return to legality, their well-being and above all the well-being of the people around them to prevent them from repeating these acts of violence in the future. In the first year, the project provides for the training of operators, the creation of a network with the various services that deal with gender-based violence in the area and the accompaniment of 20 beneficiaries through individual interviews and group work.

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