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AbroadProgetto ECD: Early Childhood Development Center

The center promotes adequate intellectual, social and physical development of children, while supporting the education of mothers
  • PlaceBugesera District, Rwanda
  • PartnerBugesera District
  • Beneficiaries120 children
  • Period2021-2025
  • Budget9.000 € per year

The context

The Early Childhood Development Center responds to a need felt by the women of the Rilima community, but at the same time is part of a model promoted by the Rwandan government and already implemented and tested in other contexts .

The Center, built in 2019, has been operational since January 2020 and wants to respond to the need for a place to welcome and care for preschool children who do not currently have a dedicated care facility, especially when mothers are working.

The center promotes adequate intellectual, social and physical development of children, while at the same time supporting the training of mothers, so that they can continue to guarantee proper nutrition and health care at home.

Currently 120 children between 3 and 6 years old are welcomed every day from disadvantaged or single-parent families. and are looked after and accompanied by a staff of the center, consisting of 3 professional educators, a caretaker and a cook.

The program to combat malnutrition, based on food education for mothers, has also been developed at the Center for Early Childhood Development.

In fact, mothers receive training on how to prepare food and practice in the kitchen of the center, then they receive farmyard animals, seeds, mushrooms, the tools to create a vegetable garden so that they can put into practice the training received and improve the nutrition of their children. and of the whole family.

Thanks to the support of all the donors of the Marcegaglia Foundation, it was also possible to support other Early Childhood Development Centers in the Bugesera area with the supply of food, teaching material and with support for the implementation of structural interventions to ensure the safety of classes.

Let’s continue building change together starting with children and their mothers!

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